Celebrate any occasion with these beautiful silhouettes that make timeless prints.  All you have to do is email us FULL BODY, from head to toe image to courtneyhizey@gmail.com and we will create the silhouette and do the magic. 


 This can be from a photo we took in the past or new one you take on your cell phone or digital camera. *sorry we cannot use/edit a photograph another professional photographer took.


​The final product will be delivered within 48 hours

​You can print as many images as you want once you receive your digital file.


Silhouette celebration

  • 1) You may use a cell phone or DSLR to take the photo

    2) Preferred but not always necessary: Shoot towards the light (with your subject in between you and the light). Whether it is window light or sunlight (but NOT too harsh where the sun glare is hitting your subject).

    3) The best subjects for silhouette photos have strong defined shapes. Pay attention to their poses and being able to see their limbs. Full body is necessary. 

    If the background is cluttered they will not stand out.

    4) Do not use portrait mode if using an iPhone.

    5) Make sure your subject is at least 10-15 feet away. Shoot from a lower angle, you should kneel down a bit. Do not stand above them up close.

    6) If you are shooting several subjects, be sure there is enough space between all of them. They can hold hands, but if they are too close together they will not be defined enough to create a silhouette. 

    7) Send us at least 3 images that we can work with. 

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