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Virtual mini-sessions


Don't let your children miss out on any fun experience or photoshoot you wanted to have this spring.  Lucky for you, you know a photoshop wizard-us!

We will be doing these now, until we can start having physical in person sessions again. Cell phone images are fine--these are meant to be a fun alternative to what we can't do right now, but please see disclaimer below on quality/printing quality..



-Step-by-step instruction guide on how to get the best images to assist us in creating these. 

-Your choice of a digital backdrop for the composite. We have multiple, spring, communion, superhero/fantasy, newborn backdrops to choose from .

-private Facebook support group 

-one beautiful composite image

To view what we have:

Please message us for requests if you don’t see something in our gallery, we can certainly find it!


*by purchasing you understand that the quality of cell phone images cannot be printed in large sizes like a normal professional camera. Editing will lower the quality.  We want to provide you with something, since right now having an actual professional shoot is not possible. 

DSLR preferred but not necessary. 


** by purchasing you allow us to manipulate and edit your photo. We like to share our before and after photos, but please send us an email and let us know if you do not agree and we will not share them on social media and other outlets. 


***by purchasing you agree to read all provided information that will be given to you to help you take the best photos for compositing. There is a little process to this in terms of setting up your scene for lighting and angles. Please don't take or send us photos until after you are in the group and have read all information.

Ready to purchase? Follow these easy steps

 1) Purchase your composite for $30 each, by clicking on the "buy now" box.

 2) Email us at with the screenshot of your receipt and we will send you an invite to our 

Facebook group, with access to instructional videos on taking the best pictures for compositing. 

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