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Virtual Newborn sessions

Gift a FREE newborn session with a gift card purchase of ANY amount

FREE (with the purchase of a gift card)

Normally $100 for virtual &  $300 for in person

Because of social distancing, parents can't have the newborn session they have waited for.  Lucky for you, you know a photoshop wizard--us! 

 Certified in newborn posing safety by APNPI. We will be giving parents simple poses that meet all safety guidelines.

The ideal age for a virtual newborn session is within the first 20 days of life.


We will be doing these now, until we can start having physical in person sessions again. As of now, we will only book due dates that are before July 15th..  Cell phone images are fine--DSLR is preferred. Please see disclaimer below on printing quality.



- parent welcome email with supply guide for where to purchase the appropriate and very inexpensive wrap(s) with quick shipping

-instructional videos on setting up your mini in-home studio. All you need is ONE white furry blanket!

-25 minute Facetime or zoom call to assist parents in walking through their session

-various choices of our beautiful digital backdrops for the composites. View some of our options here

-an online gallery of beautifully edited images by us, with the option of purchasing images at our discounted rate of $40 per image

-printing rights for the image (although we cannot guarantee specific print sizes because of cell phone quality or JPEG images)

- FREE sitter session (6-9 months) with the option to purchase any of our digital or print packages

-adding on the all in option (includes all images from the virtual sessions without having to purchase anything additional  (8-10 images)








Please message us for requests if you don’t see something in our gallery, we can certainly find it!

*by purchasing you understand that the quality of cell phone images cannot be guaranteed. 

GIFTING FOR A NEW MOM? You will receive an e-gift card with the amount towards the session. You can purchase for any amount, but recommended amount is $40 to provide them with the gift of a beautiful image.


CAN I GIFT THIS TO MYSELF?  YES, of course. Treat yourself. 


The all in option is $275  (includes all images from the virtual sessions without having to purchase anything additional  (8-10 images) and don't forget: a FREE sitter session for the future.


Purchase any amount in a gift card below. Be sure to include your email and we will send you the e-gift card for yourself or whoever you are gifting it to. They should reach out to us and let us know they received a virtual gift card and we will take care of the rest. 

more info:

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