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CHP's new policies and procedures 

While we are all trying to navigate this new normal, we have some updates on our policies and procedures. 

First and foremost, I hope you are all healthy and well.  These times have definitely been challenging for us all, in so many ways. 


I want to thank you for your patience and understanding with postponing sessions and events during this time. The health and safety of everyone is our number one priority. 



We will begin booking outdoor sessions exclusively with those who had already had a session booked with us before everything changed a couple of months ago. We will release the booking calendar on May 25th to those individuals who are rescheduling, and sessions will begin taking place after June 8th (this is tentative and subject to change based off guidelines given to us). Those who are rescheduling will have 48 hours before everyone else has access to the booking calendar. At this time we will not be booking indoor/studio sessions. As of now photography studios (indoor) are in a part of Phase 3 with confirmation made by the DPH. We will not be booking indoor until further notice. We will also not be booking newborn sessions in the near future. Please see our post and the alternatives we are offering here:



Upon opening back up, we will only be holding sessions at our private outdoor location in Hudson, MA.  We will not be holding them in public outdoor space due to health and safety reasons and other regulations. Since our new private studio location comes with a beautiful outdoor space, we will utilize that. Please keep in mind while booking, that the lighting is best an hour to an hour and a half before sunset. The lighting is not the best between 10-2. We understand every family has a schedule that works best for them. We highly recommend the sunset sessions, but if that cannot work we will photograph in the shaded areas and not direct sun. Backdrop options may be limited in this case. 

Our outdoor studio space includes:

-door to session parking, you pull up to our private space without having to walk or worry about parking

-beautiful tall grass  

-plenty of wide open space for children to run and for everyone to maintain distance

-woodsy trails 

- vintage truck (available by request)


Our mini-sessions have changed a bit. There will be a bit more of a gap in between them and like we mentioned above will be outdoors and our private location. We will be giving you specific instructions on arriving and departing during your mini-session. One procedure will be that clients will remain in their car until they receive a text message or wave that it is okay to get out of their car. Your photographer will greet you from afar, but we will always remain 10 feet apart. We understand how hard it may be for some children, so we will keep a greater distance. Please be sure to remind them when getting out of the car. 


During all sessions

We will shoot from a distance with a longer lens and direct you in posing. Only those who are being photographed should attend the session. We will not be taking extended family sessions of over 8 people, until further notice.

We will be asking you to help pose your children, fix outfits, hair in face, hand and feet placement, etc. 

We do realize this asks for more involvement from you as our clients and less help from us. We have re-structured our pricing to reflect this along with other things we cannot provide to you during this time, because of social distancing.

Please bring your own blanket if you would like to use one at your session.

Once your session time is over we will say good-bye from afar and you will receive your client gallery in a couple weeks like normal. 


For those who signed up for a session back before our pricing changed, you have two choices, you can keep the original package if it works better for you OR you can use the amount you paid as a credit towards a new package. You would just need to let us know well in advance so we can update your contract. We will be having everyone signing and updated contract since we do have a new mandatory COVID-19 clause. 

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