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Courtney has always been dedicated to mentoring other photographers and encouraging them to take the jump into entrepreneuership. Having rented her past studio spaces, props, vintage truck and camper, to other creatives, Courtney couldn't wait for the day she could open a bigger, commercial space for other photographers who didn't have that to use as their own.  Courtney also enjoyed helping parents virtually during the pandemic. She created a package for parents with new babies, and together they were able to get newborn photos-from their own homes. Courtney provided tips on lighting and posing so the parents could take the photos, and then send to Courtney to edit. When a space in a gorgeous old mill building came available-one she had looked at several times over the years, Courtney knew it was the right time. Studio C not only serves as a photography studio, but offers monthly DIY photography events. These events are for parents to use our professional studio lighting and sets, and capture their children with their cell phones. We also love having friend groups join in and come take "bestie" photos. Studio C provides multiple backdrop options at a time, and custom sets for those looking to rent the space for bridal showers, birthday parties and more. 

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