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A Styled Beacon Hill Engagement Session

A few months back you may have seen the contest Courtney Hizey Photography was hosting along with Danielle at We were running a giveaway for a photography session that included your own personal stylist for an individual, family, couple… whoever won, and it was such a hit!

Danielle and I attended the same college but it wasn’t until just this past year that we reconnected. We began meeting to discuss collaborating on some projects. I started thinking how perfect her services would be for my clients so we started brainstorming collaborations for a photography + style package for clients! Danielle would provide fashion advice while I provide a beautiful photography session!

I love what I do as a photographer because it allows me to provide my clients with something tangible from the most important moments of their lives. Sweet newborn photos to look back on as the children grow, summer mini-sessions with the kids on the beach, engagement photos before the big day, and more!

If you think about it, photographs are one of the only memories you will have that last a lifetime. Sure, they can be an investment, but an investment that you will always have. When you make that investment you want to make sure that everything is perfect – your outfits match, your hair looks nice, the kid's outfits are cute. So why not have a professional stylist to help you ensure that everything is as you envisioned for these memories that you're investing in? That's exactly what Danielle and I set out to do!

The couple that won the contest, Jamie and Dave, are engaged and getting married next year. We communicated many times through email and phone after they won and Danielle sent a Q&A to Jamie and Dave to get a feel for the overall look they wanted to achieve for the photo session. Danielle even set up a time to go shopping with Jamie, helping to pick clothes, shoes, accessories and coordinate outfits for the day. The couple looked and felt great for their session!

The day of the shoot we met in Beacon Hill in Boston and we were off! We spent the golden hour, just before the sun sets, walking around Beacon Hill and the Esplanade capturing some amazing moments between the couple in a casual, relaxed way. They were both so confident in their looks, sharing lots of laughter and plenty of love throughout the entire shoot. Danielle was on hand the whole time to help the couple make any last-minute decisions with accessories and it was so helpful having her to provide such a good eye for the little details.

The styled photoshoot was a hit and afterwards, Jamie and Dave provided so much positive feedback! Danielle and I already have something in the works to provide another couple or family with a styled shoot! Stay tuned.

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