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To First Look Or Not On Your Wedding Day

As a wedding photographer, it is incredibly important to me to make sure your wedding day is everything you envisioned and more. Before the big day, I always meet with my clients to discuss their must-haves for their wedding day and one thing I am always asked about is my opinion on a first look for the couple-to-be.​

If you're not familiar with a first look basically it's a moment between the couple before the wedding ceremony to embrace each other and share a quiet moment before the big day starts. It’s a bit non-traditional in that the couple sees each other before the wedding vows but if you are going back and forth trying to decide if you’d like a first look I always say go for it!

The first look session takes about twenty to thirty minutes and allows for my associate photographer and I to get some amazing photographs! We can shoot the first look wherever you desire, maybe on the beach, the rustic barn you fell in love with, or the grand staircase at your venue. A first look can also allow for you and your groom to join your guests halfway through cocktail hour (or some alone time) after the formal family and wedding party photos are done. As photographer, I notice the bride and grooms who choose a first look always seem to end up having a little more time for their own formal pictures and it makes for a less rushed formal picture hour.

Antoinette and I have been working together side by side for six years and we are completely in sync with where we should be to capture the perfect photos. We can capture first look faces from both sides of the couple so you won't miss a moment. As you can see below, I was able to capture the groom's face while Antoinette was hiding on the stairs to capture the bride (purposely showing Antoinette in this one for you all to see the variety of angles we can achieve).

Wedding Day First Look

Whatever you choose for your wedding day, first look or not, know that it will be absolutely perfect in every way! 

Interested in booking your wedding day with Courtney Hizey Photography? Contact Us today! 

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