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2017 Fall Mini-Sessions

Those of you that know me personally, or even just from following along on my page and social media accounts, know that summer is truly my favorite time of year. I am the warm weathers biggest fan and believe there is nothing better than warm sunshine and hot summer days. In the cold winter months, you better bet that almost any vacation I plan is spent traveling to sunny, tropical islands. Even when I shower the water is so hot that I’ve been known to set off the fire alarms! True story! 

If I had to pick a second favorite season it, of course, would be fall. That crisp, cozy, fall air and beautiful colors of the changing leaves, there is almost nothing better. Bright oranges, reds, and amazing sunsets, it is no surprise that fall is my busiest time of year here in New England. I am always running around like crazy capturing family sessions and weddings and loving every minute of it! 

This fall, given the beautiful New England colors and scenery, I will once again be offering family mini-session specials. I am 90 percent done with the planning and can't wait to share with you all what Courtney Hizey Photography has to offer for fall mini-sessions this year! 

Last year, my fall mini-sessions booked up crazy fast and unfortunately, those who didn’t book ahead of time couldn’t get a spot. This year, I hope to plan the sessions a little bit differently so everybody can plan ahead and hopefully book their session in advance. Weekends tend to sell out the fastest and I hate turning anybody down so please, be on the lookout for info and contact me with any questions!

For those of you that are looking for a little more of an intimate, longer session, I will also be offering some specials on private sessions! These will be booked for a bit longer, still in a beautiful location, but we will have a little more time together to capture all the shots you want! 

I cannot wait to share more info with you all but until then, enjoy some of my favorite photos from our fall mini-sessions last year! I was so busy editing and returning them to clients so they could be used for holiday photos that I never got a chance to post them!

Details coming soon, stay tuned! :) Don't forget to follow along on my Facebook page and sign up for my newsletter for the most up-to-date details! 

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