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Holiday Photos With Santa at the CHP Studio!

How many of you have dragged your kids all the way to the mall, year after year, for a photo with Santa? And how many of you have successfully gotten a picture of your kids smiling happily on Santa's lap?

I know when I asked my friends and followers in a recent Facebook post to share your stories on mall photos with Santa, almost everyone posted hysterical pictures of their kids on Santa's lap. Some in tears, some in near hysterics, and others smiling happily and whispering gift ideas into Santa's ear. Go check out the post for a good laugh!

So, this year, instead of going to the mall and waiting in long lines with your kids, bring them over to the Courtney Hizey Photography studio in Weston, MA for photos with Santa!

Photos with Santa

I will be offering sessions with Santa on Sunday, December 10th, and while I cannot guarantee that your child won't fuss or cry a little bit, I can promise I will pull out every single silly, goofy trick I have to get you that perfect photo with Santa!

We are currently putting together package options and you will be able to schedule a time slot ahead of time. So, here is your chance for any fun suggestions before we finalize these within the next couple days! Be sure to follow along on my Facebook page for the most up to date info!


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