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Ten Things You Didn't Know About CHP!

Curious to know more about your photographer and how Courtney Hizey Photography got started? Well then, it's your lucky day! Today I am sharing ten things you didn't know about me, Courtney, and about my photography business, Courtney Hizey Photography!

1. Although Courtney Hizey Photography is now mainly a Massachusetts based photographer (we do travel!), my passion for photography really started in North Carolina when my son was born. Yup, that's right! This business has southern roots, y'all! After my son was born, my hobby of photographing him day in and out quickly turned into an obsession and eventually sparked into a business and here we are today!

2. Before being a photographer I was a teacher! With a love and passion for children and families, it's no wonder that I have a love for documenting different stages of their lives.

3. CHP Has deep southern roots. After being "born" in North Carolina, CHP was also located in Atlanta, Georgia and Atlantic Beach, Florida (and I sure do miss that warm, sunny weather year round!)

4. My aunt was a professional photographer for the Olympics. I was lucky enough to meet Kristi Yamaguchi, Nancy Kerrigan, and other major Olympic winners and although at the time I didn't care much about photographing them, I sure do have quite the role model to look up to!

5. I live for the summer and nothing can beat a day at the beach. Like I said above, I really do miss the weather in the south!

6. My favorite sessions to shoot are holiday themes. Starting on November 1st each year, holiday music is blasting through my speakers and Hallmark movies are on repeat every day. Some may think I'm crazy but I just LOVE the holiday season!

7. My favorite photographer is Heidi Hope. I've been following her since I started out in this industry and I love taking any workshop that she offers! It helps me improve my skills and grow to be a better photographer. Recently, I even had my family photos done in her studio!

8. Courtney Hizey Photography also photographs weddings! Whether local to New England or destination, I love them all!

9. A big part of photography is, of course, the editing process which is something that I love to do. Coming next year, I will be focusing on offering new and exciting editing styles for all of Courtney Hizey Photography's clients!

10. And lastly, something big and exciting happened this year for CHP but I'll have to keep you waiting in suspense for just a bit longer! I promise to share details in the coming months but get excited about something HUGE! Be sure to follow along on my Facebook page for info!


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